Taste of Little Havana Bicycle Tour

$79/Kids (12-18)

Join us on the Taste of the Little Havana Food Bike Tour to enjoy a spectacular ride across the Venetia to Little Havana’s music, food, cigars and dominoes.  It doesn’t get any more Miami than this!

Experience Miami’s vibrant Cuban community right where it all started, in Little Havana.  Our culinary tasting of the Little Havana is the perfect getaway if you are looking for things to do in Miami. Start your tour at Miami Beach where you and your friends will grab bicycles, then tour with your guide across the Venetian Causeway historical bridge (on protected bike lanes) and through downtown Miami, witness beautiful Biscayne Bay, Miami River, Brickell Village, and arrive at the vibrant Little Havana.

There you will be submerged in the local Cuban culture of Little Havana. During the tour your guide takes you through different plates letting you sample delicious Cuban cuisine, like yuca, croquetas and fried plantains.

Learn about the Cuban/Miami culture, customs and the history that helped shape this unique community.  Take a walk down Calle Ocho and enjoy some Cuban coffee, take pictures of Cigar rollers and enjoy the health benefits of “Guarapo”, sugarcane juice that is freshly squeezed right in front of you.

First you bike than you eat!